Spiritual Growth is a Marathon,
not a sprint

On this page you will find links to tools that are meant to help you grow. These are just a few tools, if you'd like to discover more or go deeper, then send us a note and we'll connect you to a group or help you start one.

These Spiritual Disciplines have been used throughout the millennia, and have helped people just like you to connect with the divine Creator, experience God's mercy through the Redeemer, and be renewed by the Spirit who is Sanctifier. 


Reading the Bible for yourself helps you connect to the story of God. You can do this alone or with a group. This is about seeking God in the writings of God's people.  Often it is associated with Bible study, and it can also be applied to reading other books to aid in your spiritual growth. Click the image above to be sent to a reliable tool, The Bible Project for studying and reflecting upon the Bible.  

Prayer / Meditation

Prayer and Meditation are different and related. Prayer is the living out of our relationship with God, while Meditation is a practice that enables us to embrace silence and stillness. Both are essential in the life of the Christian faith. Above is one tool of many for deepening your experience of communion with God. If you like to read or listen to books, Richard Foster has given us a gift in his book Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home. 


Fasting has been a part of spiritual communities throughout the world. It is a chosen discipline to go without a thing for a time. Often this is related to food, but can apply to a whole host of things we might abstain from: community (in solitude), noise (in silence), things (in frugality or simplicity). I've linked you to a talk by the late Dallas Willard where you can learn some more. 


Through worship we engage our whole selves with, reflect upon, and express our experience of God through words, rituals, and symbols. (Dallas Willard) It is the act of recognizing God for who we believe and understand God to be, and responding to that belief. Above you will find a link to our worship services and more!


In serving others we rebel against the fear of those who are different from us. In service we embody God's love toward others. This transforms us and opens our hearts to better embrace the stranger as the beloved child of God that they are. Click above to discover some ways you can serve with us!


The discipline of community calls us out of ourselves and into spaces where we might be challenged, grow, and join together to reveal God's beloved kingdom in the world.  God is revealed in wondrous diversity, and we embody that when we connect to one another to do the work of Justice & Mercy. 

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