First United Methodist Church of
Auburndale, Florida
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10:30 AM Worship Service
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Prayer Request
If you would like to be included on our prayer list, please call the church office at 967-1262 or send an email to

Our prayer warriors meet every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. you are welcome to join us!

Prayer Requests
Cecil Christian, fall and injury, home from hospital
*Dean Evans, gall bladder surgery recovery
*Sarah Stanger, healing, strength & guidance
*Tracey Anderson, breast cancer
*Will Anderson, 16, drug rehab
*Wayne Bush
*Prayers that Paul Nelson will start treatment soon
*Dorothea to find new job
*Marilyn Bailey’s family health & issues
*Relationship with daughter, Taylor, & her knee surgery recovery
*Rosie Stambaugh, strength
*Dennis Cress, Rosie’s brother, Pulmonary Fibrosis
*Haiti bodyguard, recovery from shooting, fundraising for next surgery
*Continued prayers of comfort for Dolores Phillips, Kathi Soltau’s mom
*Pray for additional health issues for David Soltau
*Karen & Kyle Sykes
*Steven Diggens, passed away
*Shayne Reynolds, back surgery recovery
*Laury, James’ cousin, part of colon removed
*Jerry Bushong
*Daily Life Struggles
*Victims & their families of Las Vegas shooting
*Traveling mercies for Pastor Bruce Williams on a
3-weeks Mission Trip Abroad
*Traveling mercies for Roxanne McVay
*Rob Ripley, many health issues, hospital in NC
*Family of Don Bruno, heart attack
*Good results at Doctor’s on Wednesday
*Victims of hurricanes/earthquake/fires
*Family members - wise decisions and judgement
*Family and friends of Beverly Offutt, who died on Monday, Oct. 9, in her sleep at home. She was 97 years old.
*Neil Brown, cataract surgery recovery, and upcoming cataract surgery 11/2
*Edith DeBarry, Aub. Good Shepherd Hospice

Nursing Homes
Spring Haven Retirement Center
1225 Havendale Blvd
Winter Haven, 33881
Peggy Pospichal, #279
Leo Crum, #277

Lake Howard Heights
650 N Lake Howard Dr
Winter Haven, 33880
Rita Goodman, Rm #5F

Brandywyne Nursing Home
1801 N Lake Mariam Dr
Winter Haven, 33884
Betty Swenson, Rm #221

Valencia Hills Health & Rehab
1350 Sleepy Hill Road
Lakeland, 33810
Dolores Phillips, Rm #408B

Life Care Center of Winter Haven
1510 Cypress Gar. Blvd
Winter Haven, 33884
Loretha Kelley, Rm #406

Astoria Health & Rehab
701 Overlook Drive
Winter Haven, 33884
Bill Keen, Rm #410

Lakeland Regional: Cecil Christian, #B653
Florida Hospital, Orlando: Vera Elff

Extended Requests
Jennifer Wilson, & children, Austin & Kate - (Bushong’s daughter)
Vernon Hall
John & Irene Ball
Donna Bauerenschub
David Schenning, rare disease, no cure
Lori Clark Weatherly
Jenna Phillips
Lynette Frazier
Ryan Gustafson, Cystic Fibrosis
David & Tay
Jerrilyn Bush, health issue
Leevi, premature baby, fighting to live
Brian Patterson
Sharon Decker, complications with eye infection
Uncle Don & Aunt Laurette
Bill Jones, Parkinson’s, declining health
Joseph Mittasch, heart & lung
Noa Yehud, depression & anxiety
Michael, Aidan & Elijah, continued blessings
Matt Stambaugh, salvation
Kristina Brooks, several medical issues
Stephanie, Crohns disease
Vera Elff, Crohns disease, Orlando hospital, double pneumonia
Chris Crepeau, stroke recovery
Thelma, Crohns, surgery Oct. 27
Tonya Oliver, car accident recover
Mike Small, stroke
Jack & Carol Levis
Jasmine, anxiety issues
Sam & Mary Bass, health
Lisa Bond, prayers for answers to
health problems
Alma & Chuck Edwards
Ken Brewer
Bill Thompson
Jim & Babe Brandeberry
*Michael Weese, loss of wife/mother of 2 & 4 yr olds
*Elias - 9 yrs old, battling life-long illnesses &
*Baby Emma - newborn with life-long disease and multiple birth defects
*Eric , 19 yr old, healing for depression
*Mary Bond, - Pregnancy issues (Jerry and Dee’s

Praise Reports
Praises for a loving & forgiving God!!
Praises for answered prayers!
Praises for all our blessings!

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Kelsey Moore, tongue cancer
Shirley Gilliard, radiation therapy
Harry O’Neal
Sally Strayer
Jack Favret
Rose Miller
Nancy Rafferty
Chyrese Christian, lung cancer
Jo-lisa Koscheski, chemo treatments
Caroline Moores, surgery recovery
Martha Kimbrough, lung cancer
Gina Witlock, Wnek’s friend, tongue cancer
*Connie Conrad Baker - metastatic breast cancer with no cure / terminal condition (Hutsler’s friend)
*Luann Lucas - breast cancer
Dana Marion, lung cancer
Mary Huff, lung cancer
Tara Kordeleski, thyroid
Linda Denmark
Patti Smith, diagnosed with lung cancer

Home Shut-ins
Joyce Haggstrom
Robert & Thelma Wages
Edith DeBarry
Martha Summerall

Andrew Burger
Matthew Cadena
Adrian DeFoe
Adam Irwin
Austin Johnson
Michael Koscheski
Anthony Loughney
Andrew Nicholson
Brittnea Michelle Noe
Ken Pratt
Chris Randall
Nicole Sutula
Matt Tromboll
Ryan Wilcox

The Bible in a Year
Oct. 19 Isaiah 56-58, 2 Thess. 2
Oct. 20 Isaiah 59-61, 2 Thess. 3
Oct. 21 Isaiah 62-64, 1 Timothy 1
Oct. 22 Isaiah 65-66, 1 Timothy 2
Oct. 23 Jeremiah 1-2, 1 Timothy 3
Oct. 24 Jeremiah 3-5, 1 Timothy 4
Oct. 25 Jeremiah 6-8, 1 Timothy 5
316 LAKE ARIANA BOULEVARD, AUBURNDALE, FL 33823 (863) 967-1262
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